Super flux LEDs have a higher light output than indicator LEDs, but still function the same way electrically without the need for a higher current.

Super flux LEDS come in a transparent square package with or without a lens on top. The package has four connections, two of which are connected to the cathode (minus side) and two of which are connected to the anode (plus side). A missing corner indicates how the LED should be connected. Check the datasheet for details.

Be careful: if you connect the LED in the wrong way (use two cathodes or two anodes instead of one of each) you will short circuit the LED driver or controller.

Light output is usually measured in Lumen, but Lux and mcd (candela) can also be encountered. These units have different measurement methods and are thus not easily comparable.

Warning: super flux LEDs are bright. Do not look directly at it. Turn the LED away from you and do not shine into the eyes of others.

Most important specifications

  • Forward voltage depending on the led colour (V)
  • Maximum forward current (mA)
  • For white high power LEDs: Light temperature (K). 2700 K for very warm white light – 6500 K for cool white light